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"Quick & Quiet" Local School Project -  12 June 2021
The Whangarei City Rotary Club were asked to assist in any way that they can, to tidy the garden areas surrounding the main entrance of the Raurimu School.   This Community Service then became the Club’s first “Quick & Quiet” project and completed the task within approximately three hours.. 

It was a great day and Club turn-out, weeding and tidying garden areas around the School.  The gardens maintained at the front entrance of the school enabled the children to plant in time  for the Matariki celebrations. 

Welcome Flo From Chile on her Rotary Your Exchange

District 9910 Governor's Club Visit 24 July,2019

The Club Board Members warmly welcomed Governor Ian and Jasmine Kiernan from Norfolk Island, to their Board meeting with the Governor and later with the remaining Club members.  Ian outlined his Goals for each club and their members for his year as Governor.He stressed the need for Rotarians to register on My Rotary and, to enter their Date of Birth which will accurately record the demographic Rotary age and information that will assist District and Rotary International planning.

Jasmine also outlined her project to avoid boredom while on tour with Ian.   She decided on launching a fundraising project by personally creating Rotary Theme mosaic tiles to be raffled between clubs at Club visits and the proceeds will be presented to ROMAC at the end of their Tour. 

Jasmine made and had available to raffle, the mosaic tile depicting the Rotary International Theme Logo “Rotary Serving Humanity” 2016-2017 when Club President PC Smith’s was then District Governor.
This tile was then raffled at their next Club Visit in Warkworth, drawn that evening and, won by Kevan Summerlee, a Whangarei City Club member, who kindly and generously agreed to passed it on to PC.   It is gorgeous.

 Take a look

Club members just couldn’t wait to hear all about Norfolk Island and asked a volley of questions accordingly. Off shore Governors are few and far between and to have Ian and Jasmine visit added a touch of mystique to the evening.

Club Changeover 2019

Tree Planting 2017

Rotary International's goal for 2017-2018 Rotary Year is to plant a tree for every Club member.
Our Club is supporting the Whitebait Connection who are planting native trees and shrubs along and around our Whangarei rivers and streams.  Our Club is volunteering to help with the planting from July to September 2017.
Club member Toni and her two daughters, Remeny, John and Joy caught in action at Springs Flat, Kamo.

Welcome to New Zealand and Whangarei City

We have a new Rotary Inbound International Youth Exchange student Rena Aumueller who flew in from Austria via Dubai and Sydney on Sunday afternoon 30 July, 2017.  Rena was met at Auckland International Airport by Peter and Reo who brought her north to her first host family Kim and Gary Buckthought.    Their daughter Abigail has been selected to go to Austria for her 12 month Rotary International Youth Exchange IYE January 2018.

Rena will be dual hosted by Whangarei City and Whangarei Sunrise Rotary Clubs for her next 12 months here in NZ.  
Her first IYE engagement is Orientation Weekend 19 & 20 August and then Marae weekend in October where she will be with all District 9910 IYE students.  Her last activity for the year will be the South Island tour Nov-Dec, a tour just for all District 9910 Inbound students.
Rena attended her first Club meeting with Whangarei City, 9th August where she briefly introduced herself.   Club members will look forward to her introductory presentation very soon.  

Club Changeover 2017

Here we go again.  Another 12 months has passed and it is that time to re-organise the Club’s dynamics for the new incoming Rotary year 2017-2018.  So, on Wednesday evening our usual Club night and on the shortest day of the year, June 21st, members that were able, all headed to Cemetery Rd, Maunu for Changeover celebrations and food.  The theme for the Changeover was Crazy Hat(s) - wear a hat or anything that adorns the head of your choice.  All sorts came out of the closet - devils horns, cowboy hats, colourful wigs and things, fashion hats, caps, Mardi Gras top hats all to make the evening a colourful event.

President John organised a typical New Zealand supper of fish and chips, something different for families, visitors and Club members.   He also gave a brief summary of what the Club had done in his year and then announced his Board for the coming year.
John Sadler - President
Remeny Weber  - Secretary

Lynley Summerlee - Club Treasurer
PC Smith - District IYE Chair and IPG 2017-18.
Kevan Summerlee - Club Projects and Membership Co-ordinator
Sandra McLean - District 9910 IYE Committee
Margaret Cebalo - District Administrator & Club Youth Co-ordinator (Dual Role).
Margaretha Wilson - Club Youth Co-ordinator (Dual Role).
Tara Thompson - Past President
Reo Smith - Welfare/Webpage Editor

All Club members were issued with an Atlanta Convention 2017 Registration Bag and a Rotary Logo 2017-18 theme badge brought back from Atlanta by Reo and PC.     The formalities for the evening ended with the induction of our newest Club member Mohammed, who came with an outstanding pedigree from the Waikato province.

New Members

IYE Students 2017

Whangarei City Club is again sponsoring three Secondary School students from Whangarei to participate in the 12 month Rotary International Youth Exchange programme leaving New Zealand January 2017 and returning January 2018.  All students attend Te Kapehu Whetu Academy School and will take with them a wealth of Maori Culture to their chosen overseas country.
Hineira Tipene-Komene will head off to Switzerland, Grace Campbell to Germany and Aotea Parata to Brazil.

Club member Sandra McLean-Woods and Craig will be chaperoning all New Zealand Rotary IYE Students to Europe bound countries including our students, an approximate total of 31 students from the six Rotary Districts in New Zealand.   
Aotea will be chaperoned to Brazil along with all the Rotary NZ students exchanging in South America departing the same week.
The Club will look forward to their presentations when they return home.

Magic Moments December 2016

Another first class effort from Club members when called upon, to make good in a community providing a happy and caring atmosphere within a family unit who may not be fortunate enough to provide enough food for their family.    

It is always rewarding for Club members to pack and then deliver the food boxes to families desperately in need especially at time of delivery.   The food boxes are usually delivered the weekend before Christmas day.    This is the Club's  major project and it is with the generous sponsorship of local businesses in the Whangarei area that they are able to help families.

This year 95 banana boxes were filled and distributed.   Words on our pamphlets for each box says it all:-
“This comes to you from someone who cares about you.   All we ask is that you take care of yourself well enough to be able to do this for someone else someday”.

Club Catering for the Governor's Rotary Year

The first taste of Club catering for the Governor commenced 7 August at RLI (Rotary Learning Institute) in Whangarei.  Being the Home Club of the Governor, it is the club’s responsibility to cater for District Training, Learning Institutes and for the District Management Meetings held at either Whangarei or Auckland.  Thankyou to Lynley, Margaretha, John and Joy for organising morning tea and lunch at each venue.


Whangarei City was one of the four Whangarei Rotary Clubs who took part in a Rotary Membership and Awareness promotion within the Whangarei area by setting up shop in the old vacant Travel Shop located on Rathbone St, week of 17-22 October 2016.
The POP-UP shop concept, originally a Dargaville Roary Club mastermind, was to showcase Rotary to the public and to present a much younger face of Rotary.   
Clubs were rostered and set up to show videos, pop-up posters and various community activities involving the Rotary Clubs.

Foot traffic was the ideal target enticing people into the POP-UP shop for a cup of tea or coffee.   An added draw card was a FREE RAFFLE sponsored by Red Dining and Love Mussel, where Joe Public would give their name, contact number and nominate at Rotary Club that they might like to visit on a club night meeting.   It proved to be a very popular draw card and it was through this event that Whangarei City gained another member, Bonny Hollis.   She was the raffle winner, came along to a Club meeting to collect her prize and learnt a bit more about Rotary.   She attended another meeting and on her third appearance at the Club’s meeting was inducted by the Governor PC Smith.

New Club Members

A very big welcome to Fred and Remeny Weber inducted 11 May 2016 by Governor Peter Garnett at the Club’s evening meeting.   
They both have a genuine desire to give their time and energy to the Community to do good things .
Remeny with her medical background and Fred, with his engineering background with the possibility of undertaking medical studies have a natural want to help.
They are very keen to become involved in Club projects and and already enjoying social events and family gatherings. Both look forward to being part of a very stimulating Community organisation.

Welcome Huanui College INTERACT Rotary Club

The Huanui College Rotary Interact Club sponsored by the Whangarei City Club was fully Chartered and inducted Wednesday 11 May 2016 by Governor Peter Garnett and supported by members of the Whangarei City club held at the College Assembly. 

Approximately 35 students expressed interest and were very keen to form an INTERACT Club under the leadership and guidance of their teacher and staff member Ashlee Cebalo and under the auspices of the Whangarei City Rotary Club.
They will elect their own Officers each year and work independently.

A Club Meeting With A Difference

A novel activity for a Club meeting proved to be a very successful exercise.   This was the Poi making activity suggested by President Tara for her April 2016 meeting.   The President’s interesting brief history on the poi, its importance to the Maori culture relating to music, movement and dance, gave inspiration for those attending to speedily make their pair of long or short poi so that they could make a noise and exercise their wrists.
The meeting was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

District 9910 Conference at Tauranga 8 - 11 April 2016

Margaret and Margaretha attended the District Conference and were on hand to help PC promote his District Conference to be held in Whangarei April 2017.

Our Inbound IYE Students Wako and Arantxa were part of the District's Rotary International Exchange  in attendance for the traditional Internatinal IYE Flag ceremony and as contributors to the collective student presentation on the current student experiences in New Zealand.

9910 District Area 2 Annual Dinner 2016

Our Club hosted the Area 2 Annual Dinner this year at Red Dining in March.   The Theme was “RED”.
This was a very successful social event where Rotarians and their partners from the Whangarei, Whangarei South, Whangarei Sunrise and Dargaville Clubs attended.   District Governor Peter Garnet and Elaine along with Past District Governor Merv Huxtable and Past District Governor Sandra McKersey, guests, friends and family enjoyed the dinner and entertainment. 
Our thanks to Sandra McLean-Woods and the Red Dining Staff for supporting this special event.

IYE Students 2016

January 2016 the Club welcomed Arantxa Valenzuela from Chile.   She will be attending Kamo High School.   Arantxa also caught up with Wako while attending a IYE Brief and then at the District Conference held in Tauranga.   Wako heads back to Japan in July.

This year the Club sponsored Louis Paul a student from Huanui College with a strong cultural association with the Te Kapetu Whetu Academy.   He left for Chile in January.   We look forward to his presentation upon return to NZ about his experiences in Chile.

Magic Moments

20 December 2015

Magic Moments 2015 was yet another successful annual Club Project with approx 85 banana boxes filled to the brim with christmas food and gifts for those families in need because of unexpected circumstances close on Christmas day and, fly beneath the radar of many local charity organisations and Trusts who also provide during the festive season.

Whangarei City Rotary Club would like to thank all Food outlet sponsors providing meat, dairy products, bread, fruit and veggies, and dried products in the Whangarei area and eggs from Dargaville.   Without your participation, kindness, generosity and goodwill at this particular time of the year, Magic Moments would not be possible.   You brought a smile to someone’s face from someone who cares.

“Hand shakes” for and “thumbs up” to Club members, Rotarians from other Whangarei Rotary Clubs, members of the public, friends and family who helped pack and deliver.   Lastly special thanks to our Magic Moments Club Organisers, Kevan, John, Lynley, PC and Martyn.   “It’s a big job” and worth every moment to make a difference unconditionally.

Club Shelter Boxes

15 September 2015

THE CLUB’S WHO’S WHO 2015 - 2016

1st July 2015

Reo Smith - Club President for the first 6 months (Dual Role) and INFORMER Editor.

Tara Thompson - Club Secretary (Dual Role) for the first 6 months and Club Social Co-Ordinator, Duties are then swapped 31 January 2016 between President and Secretary.

Lynley Summerlee - Club Treasurer.

PC Smith - The Rotary Foundation Rep, District IYE Chair and DGE 2015-2016.

Kevan Summerlee - Club Projects and Membership Co-ordinator.

Sandra McLean - District 9910 IYE Committee Rep and Projects.

Margaret Cebalo - Club Youth Co-ordinator (Dual Role).
Margaretha Wilson - Club Youth Co-ordinator (Dual Role).
Monique Swanepoel - Club Friendship Exchange and IYE Host Families Co-ordinator.
The Board of Directors will meet every third Monday (week between club meetings) each month at 5.40pm.

Rachel In Brasil 2014-2015

1st Jul 2015

Rachel started her Rotary International Youth Exchange (IYE) journey at Selection Weekend May-June 2013, where she was successful and able to go to the country of her choice, Brasil.
Now it was her responsibility to ready herself and become familiar with the cultural and portuguese language of Brasil, in particular Sao Paulo, where her sponsored Rotary Club was located and where she would be residing.   She also had to update her knowledge and facts about Whangarei and New Zealand to tell those in her host country her whakapapa, and about her country, she would, become a NZ Rotarian Student Ambassador for 12months. Her sponsored Rotary Club in New Zealand, District 9910 was Whangarei City.

January 21st, 2014 came with a bang and off she left from Auckland International Airport with 9 other IYE students from the five other Rotary Districts in New Zealand, two Brazilian students returning home after their 12 months Exchange, and the student's Rotarian Chaperones, all bound for South America.
This was not the first time Rachel left the shores of New Zealand, so the Customs and Immigration processes, departure lounge checks, looking around for that last minute souvenir curbed precious time for her to she grab any spare moment from the Brazilian students to learn more Portuguese.   She was on a mission.

All the Students spent 3-4 days in Chile with their NZ IYE Rotary Chaperones and Chilean IYE Organisors enjoying an organised Orientation programme.   From Chile they then travelled on to their destinations to start their International Youth Exchange in South America, 5 students to Brasil, 2 to Argentina with 2 remaining in Chile.   This began the true beginning of Rachel's Brazilian exchange when she arrived at Sao Paul Airport during the evening.   She had already taken photos of her first sight of Sao Paulo from the air and was excited.  

What happened next for the whole year she was in Brasil you will need to go to the IYE website and read on, you will be amazed at what experiences and opportunities came her way.   Check it out.

Our Club was most fortunate to have Rachel give a presentation of her Exchange.   Every one of her photographs projected had a tale and we thank her for sharing them with us.
Rachel is now at present, studying at Auckland University studying for a Bachelor of Health Science.

The Art of Glass Blowing At Burning Issues

Club Meeting 22 October 2014

A visit to the Town Basin to observe the art of glass blowing by Keith Grinter at Burning Issues was an exciting meeting venue for those members who could attend.
Keith had purchased the studio after its founder Keith Mahy died in 2013.   Mahy was the first New Zealand born studio glass artist and one of the founding fathers of art glass in New Zealand.

Keith Grindle gave us a “hands on" demonstration on how various glass ornaments and glassware are made from glass pellet to molten glass, adding colour and patterns, and then the art of heating and blowing to make an object taking about 40 mins to complete.  Glass art in all shapes, sizes and colours, tools, raw materials were scattered around the studio, a true working room. It was magical to see an object from start to finish develop in front out your eyes.   Keith rarely spoke as he was creating, as precision, strength and concentration was needed to complete the object.
All members were fascinated at his skill and intense dexterity blowing and turning the glass blowing rod.

It was also an exciting moment for one of the Club members who later found out, that she had 2 sets of wine goblets and a set of 3 wine goblets with decanter, stored in her China cabinet for 36 years or more, were the early works of Keith Mahy.   She had purchased them in a wineshop in Hikurangi in 1979 because of the colour and unique shape of each goblet.   It pays to check out china cabinets believe me, it is worth it.

INTERACT Changeover 2014

6 Feb 2015 - 03:31

Welcome to our club, President Rama Davis (2014 - 2015) and her WGHS INTERACT members. INTERACT students meet at WGHS on Mondays and then are invited to join in at our Club meetings. They had a number of fundraising activities for their Shelter Box project and raised $1500 this year.


26 Aug 2014 - 03:18

Steve Haywood - Locally Based Master Jeweller.
Our guest speaker on 13/08/14 was Steve Haywood, Whangarei based master jeweller and, as it transpired, an artist with a passion for working with precious metals and gems.
When Steve works on a commissioned piece of jewellery, he weaves the customers stories into the piece of jewellery. Check out his website,

Steve is also involved in collaborative art works which can include large metal structures, wood, ceramics, paint and precious metals where a diverse group of artists have to set aside individual tastes and work together as a team. Watch out for "Collaborations" in March 2015.

Dr Jonathan Manson - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Our guest speaker on 23/07/14 was suggested by a Club member who recently had Carpal Tunnel surgery and that the surgeon be asked to speak to the club on this procedure.
It was arranged, and with a full house of members and visitors on the night, Dr J. Manson gave a very interesting Community Awareness presentation.

Everyone participated by unknowingly examining their hand, as the presentation progressed when Dr Manson described the symptoms and the results if left untreated. He then explained the surgical procedure where the Carpal ligament is cut to release the pressure on the median nerve. All done and stitched within 30 minutes approximately and then home.

It is not till it happens to you that you realise that this is a common ailment, more common than Diabetes, develops in people who are aged between 45yrs - 65yrs, more common in females, is not directly related to the RSI Syndrome and is not life threatening - however, if left untreated, it can cause the muscles at the base of the thumb area to become ineffective and waste away.

Latoya Hood - PEPI PRIDE

Our guest speaker 09/07/14 was Latoya who had an idea for baby clothes no longer needed. Her vision is to collect the garments over a period of time, and then hold a one day “Baby Festival” targeting young parent(s) who identify as struggling, having clothing issues and providing for their children.
All too often tiny baby clothes are stored because their “used by date” expires within 3-4 weeks after the baby is born. This is an exciting project to gather unwanted baby clothes and give to families in need.

Latoya’s Project is named PEPI PRIDE and with the help of family and friends, Media and hard leg work, she will make sure this event happen.
The “Baby Festival” will be a family orientated event for all ages. Date and Venue yet to be decided.


21 Aug 2014 - 11:18

The Presidents of all Rotary clubs in the Whangarei area decided to have INTERClub Social Challenges, an exciting excuse to meet outside the Clubrooms to enjoy the friendships and make new ones. The winner of the Challenge then decides what funds raised during that challenge will go to a Charity of their choice.

The latest challenge was in the hands of the Sunrise Rotary Club where we all went to the Ruakaka Races. An interesting challenge but a great day and the winning club was the Whangarei South Club. We are all waiting in anticipation as to what their challenge will be where and what.

TUKTUKING Somewhere in India is Kristin Edge, August 2014

21 Aug 2014 - 09:09

Whangarei City Rotary Club member Kristin, and Police Officer Tracee Knowler from HoraHora are racing the length of India, (3500kms) in a three-wheeled tuktuk - a glorified lawnmower for two weeks, raising money for the Miriam Centre in Whangarei and Northland Sexual Abuse Survivors.
This has to be an amazing experience for Kristin and she will never forget the moments. They have met incredibly humble and generous people on their travels and absorbed the natural harsh and endearing surrounds as they pass through the challenging terrain. The Club will be looking forward to her presentation when she arrives home.

District 9910 IYE Orientation Weekend for Inbound and Outbound Students - 8 - 10 August 2014

21 Aug 2014 - 09:07

Once again the Club became involved with this fantastic event from total organisation to catering which was most successful and a “blast” for the students who in most cases meet each other for the first time.
It was also a time and place for parents of Outbound students to become familiar with International Youth Exchange and the diverse programme and journey that their child would experience.

Governor Bruce Rasmussen and his wife Christine were very impressed with the programme and were unaware of the vast work behind the scenes that made this event a success.

Ethnic Football Festival 19 October 2019
The Whangarei Ethnic Football Festival started in Whangarei in 2016 by one of our very own Club member and Rotarian Mo Atiq, in partnership with the New Zealand Police, Whangarei District Council and Multicultural Whangarei.
It was a football day for players, their supporters and the Public which included a lot of fun, kids activities, socialising and a variety of ethnic food booths and cultural performances throughout the afternoon.   
There were 20 teams registered this year representing their country in the British Isles, Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands and NZ.

Whangarei City Rotary Club were invited to assist as volunteers along side the Multicultural Whangarei Volunteers group, and a lot of our members turned up for this fun filled day. A great move, as most members were not aware of the event in Whangarei and of the Organisation making this event very successful.

Magic Moments Banquet 27 August 2019


 Rotary International Convention Hamburg

Paul Harris Fellow

Congratulations to Lynley Summerlee, Kevan Summerlee, Margaret Cebalo and Sandra McLean-Woods for each receiving the Paul Harris Fellow. 

Lynley, Kevan and Margaret were presented with PHF’s at club meetings by Governor PC Smith and Sandra ’s PHF was presented to her at Orientation weekend by PC as District 9910 IYE Chair.
Each recipient had in some way contributed outstanding service to the Club or District.   Well done.

District 9910’s Changeover - 25 June 2017

All good things must come to and end and that is just what happened.   12 Months went by in a flash, over and done with, done and dusted. Club member Peter C. Smith completed his time as District 9910’s Governor for 2016-2017 and will now hand over the Chains to David Oliphant from the Henderson Rotary Club.

Whangarei City Club members also travelled to Henderson for this event to support PC.  It was the time and place for President John Sadler to hand on the District Governor’s Home Club Banner to the President Carol Fougere of the Henderson Club.

In his final presentation PC gave a brief report on his year as Governor, outlined the memorable moments, acknowledged all those who supported him and asked clubs to continue the good work that they do for the community.
Lastly, he wished David and Denise all the best for his year as Governor.

 The British & Irish Lions are in Town - Queen’s Birthday Weekend 2017

Six Club members and our two RYLA 2017 delegates braved the wintery afternoon to sell foam fingers and shake metal footballs to collect money at Toll Stadium for the Starship Foundation sponsored by ASB, ASB being the official charity sponsor of the tour.
It was an opportunity to be part of the NZ Provincial Barbarians versus the British and Irish Lions atmosphere, as this was the first game of the British and Irish Lions tour down under.

It was reported that our members may have collected the most funds on the day targeting everyone everywhere and not just the one time.   It was also noted that the Lions supporters were the biggest givers and so very pleased to contribute to a worthy cause.   
A big thanks to Remeny, Tara, Robyn, John, Martyn, Joy, Danielle and Eden.  Lets hope you were all  able to watch the match as well.

District 9910 Conference 21-23 April 2017 - Forum North Whangarei

The weekend finally arrived and set Club members into top gear, all ready for an exciting weekend with visiting Rotarians, Friends of Rotary, family and the programme for social and Rotary activities.
Friday night was the Mix and Mingle affair and the issuing of the Conference Registration packs and name tags. 

Whangarei City Club members new to a District Conference event ,experienced and appreciated the hard work behind the scenes and the organisation of PC and his Conference Committee.  Most Club members were involved with the set up of the Registration process on the night.
This evening set the tone and fellowship for the next two days.   It was an evening of meeting Rotarians from all over the District, offshore Islands and visitors outside the District.
Six South Korean Rotarians and their partners from our sister District 3730, made a surprise visit to the Conference.  At a dinner function after the Mix and Mingle event, both Districts exchanged cultural gifts and awards.

Saturday brought on a new fresh invigorating programme for the Conference which was opened by Mayor Sheryl Mai.
The Governor and his team then played their two trump cards for the morning, keynote speakers Sarah Brown from Alice Springs, Australia and local Dr Shane Reti both captivating the audience with their presentations.  Everyone in the theatre did not want their presentations to end.
Kidney and Dialysis concerns within the interior regions of Northern Territory mainly affecting the remote Aboriginal tribes to the Women’s Role in Society here in Northland all had an impact on every one present.

Action packed events throughout the afternoon were scheduled which included the opportunity to explore the city of Whangarei while walking the Town Basin and Hatea Loop and for the ladies, a great variety of shops to shop till you dropped.  
The evening programme started with cultural performances from the local TPK Academy College and the Siva Ladies Samoan Dancers as the Pacific Atmosphere was the offical theme of the Conference.
A three course dinner was followed by entertainment and dance for the rest of the evening.   All in all it was a great night enjoyed by those who attended.
Again Club members involved themselves with conference dynamics to keep the day stress-free from early morning to the evening dinner and dance programme.  

The programme on Sunday started with the District’s Annual General Meeting followed by Rotary Moments including Youth Exchange experiences and finally a presentation from Keynote speaker Dr Lance O’Sullivan and his CEO of the Moko Foundation Diedre Otene.   Although Dr Lance’s presentation focussed on medical frustrations and concerns in Northland and how he and his team are working outside the square to find solutions, he still has time to find ways through Apps to identify and diagnose a situation quickly providing immediate help or consultation especially where it involved the health and well being of children.   A very passionate presentation.   Dr Lance was also presented with a Paul Harris Fellow for the good work he had done in the Community recognised by Rotary District 9910.

The Whangarei City Club would like to thank everyone who attended the Conference and for the huge amount of support leading up to, throughout the Conference and  at the end.  It was a very successful Conference with a Pacific Atmosphere as ordered.

Welcome to New Zealand and Whangarei City

Whangarei City Rotary Club welcomes Catalina Perez Roman from Chile.   She was met at Auckland International Airport by the Stolwerks, her first host family, Thursday 19 January 2017.   Catalina lives in San Francisco de Mostazal (1 hour south of Santiago) and comes from District 4340.   She has a younger sister, Macarena.
Catalina attends Huanui College and her hobbies are singing, latin-american dance, music and fitness workouts.

At the District Conference held in Whangarei Catalina was a Rotary International Youth Exchange key presenter relaying to the audience her experiences since arriving.   She will be looking forward to Orientation Weekend, Marae Weekend and the South Island Trip later on in the year.

Amazing Spaces October 2016

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)  - 3 Jul - 9 July 2016

Once again the Whangarei City Club was able to sponsor 3 delegates for the 2016 RYLA Programme held at Muriwai Beach Surf Clubrooms from 3 - 9 July.    
The three delegates are secondary school teachers two from Whangarei Girls High School - Tamara Phillips and Lucy de Pass and one from Huanui College Ashlee Cebalo.   All three teachers had the support and encouragement of their respective Principals to attend. 

Governor PC, Reo and Margaretha attended the RYLA dinner and met up with the three teachers.   They could only reiterate what everyone said about the excellent programme.  
Early morning physical activities, great leadership role model presence and presentations and mixing with a bubbling group of future young leaders from a variety of cultures and professions, made this unique experience worthwhile.
Ashlee, Tamara and Lucy will be giving a presentation of their week at RYLA when they return.

Ashlee has volunteered to be the RYLA Rep on the 2017 Committee.   This year is the last of many years that PDG Maxine Neighbour has been Camp Mother and she will be replaced by our very own Club member Margaret Celabo.

District 9910's Changeover- 26 June 2016

The Whangarei City Club was very proud to have one of their club members Peter (PC) Smith nominated as District Governor Nominee 2014 to become District 9910’s Governor for 2016-2017.
Rotary International Training for all the six 2016-2017 NZ Governors commenced December 2014 in Wellington progressing through the two years with training in Parramatta, Nelson, Penrith and finally in San Diego Jan 2016 to become Governors for their district 1st July 2016.

It is at this Changeover and by tradition, that the Chain be handed on to PC by the outgoing Governor Peter Garnett.
The Changeover was well supported with many Rotarians within the District representing their Clubs to show their support and appreciation of the outgoing and incoming Governors.  
PC outlined in brief his Objectives and the RI Presidents Goals for the year.     He then announced his teams and Committee Management Chairs who will assist him during the year.   Club member Margaret Celabo was appointed and welcomed as District Administrator as well, a very challenging but rewarding position. 

 It was also a very proud moment for the Club to accept their role for the next 12 months as the Home Club of the Governor. For those Club members present it was an insight into the formalities and responsibilities of the Club as the Home Club and that the Governors duties scheduled throughout the year would limit his attendance at Club meetings and activities.  
Whangarei City Club was awarded the International Youth Exchange Award and the 2015-2016 Presidential Citation Bronze Award.

The Changeover had a Pacific atmosphere which included the Whangarei Samoan Group performing during intervals, a taste of the District’s Conference theme to be held in Whangarei, April 2017.

Finally, the President of East Coast Bays Rotary Club Caroline Campbell handed on the District Governor Home Club Banner to Whangarei City’s incoming President John Sadler to be held by the club for the next 12 months.

Club's Changeover- 18 June 2016

It was a sad moment for Dual Presidents Tara and Reo, when they relinquished the role as the Club's Presidents for two years thoroughly enjoying every moment, to John Sadler who gladly accepted the Chain and challenge as Club President for the 2016-2017 Rotary year.   John will be well supported by his raging team of Board members and the helpful guidance from the new Governor if needed.
The theme for this event was Kiwiana and was well attended by Whangarei Club Presdients Elects, guests, family, friends including DG Peter Garnett and Elaine and, PDG Maxine Neighbour and Murray.   John was also presented with a Club cloak in Club colours which was adorned on the back with 39 tassles representing the total number of past and current members.

 Wako gave her final presentation to the Club at Changeover.  She enjoyed her schooling and had formed a Japanese Club while attending WGHS.   She immersed in the Maori language and culture, attended the Whangarei Girls High School Ball, learnt how to surf in Gizzy, visited Hobbiton, went on horse treks just to name a few of the exciting activities made available to her to experience.

She had a great variety of home and family experiences from each of her host families which she said she would forever cherish.  We wish her all the best for the future.

A Korean Cultural Experience at the Rotary International Convention 2016

Three Whangarei Club members had an amazing time in Seoul, South Korea while attending the RI Convention.

Whangarei City Rotary Club's Newest Members

25 November 2015

John and Joy Sadler were welcomed into the Whangarei City Rotary club on 25 November 2015 as our latest and newest club members. Together they bring another dimension of creativity to the Club’s projected goals, activities and well being.

John and Joy and their children moved to Papa New Guinea for about 3 years where John became a Rotarian for the time he was there and was a member of the Huon Rotary Club, so he is familiar with Rotary.  He is currently employed as a Reading Recovery Teacher at Hikurangi School, Northland.

Joy was born in Middlesex England and immigrated to NZ with her family in the late 50’s.
While in Papua New Guinea Joy worked and ran an Air Freight company.  She has some amazing tales to tell of their colourful experiences in Papua New Guinea.
Joy’s hobbies are creative pottery, gardening and painting.
Welcome to our Rotary Club Joy and John - we are an innovative club with members of various passions and with your creative flair and skills we wait in anticipation.

 Wako Arrives in New Zealand

16 July 2015

Welcome Wako Fujiwara to New Zealand, to Rotary District 9910 and the Whangarei City Rotary Club.   Wako is from District 2630, Gifu Kano Rotary, Japan, who touched down at Auckland International Airport, Thursday 16 July 2015 on Flight NZ80 from/via Hong Kong at 0932hrs and walked through the  International Arrival doors at 1039hrs.   She was met at the airport by PC and Reo and then travelled the two hour journey back Whangarei.

Wako is here for her 12 month Rotary International Youth Exchange to learn the language and absorb the culture.  She will be attending Whangarei Girls High School and will be staying with 4 host families throughout the year.   Her first host family will be Monique and George.

Her first contact with other District Inbound IYE students will be at Orientation Weekend at the end of July. We all hope you will have an enjoyable Exchange in New Zealand.

CHANGEOVER 2014 - Friday 13 June

21 Aug 2014 - 09:06

The evening was set at a nightclub scene, thanks to Social Club on Bank St, and club members, their partners and guests, entered all sleek and mysterious wearing masquerade masks of bauble colours, glitz and glamour.
Throughout the evening there were opportunities to participate in various quiz events just to add a bit of mystique enjoyed by everyone.
George handed on the President duties for the next Rotary year to Reo and Tara and their Board.

We had the privilege of having three NZ IYE Rotary Districts Chairmen from Invercargill, Dunedin and Wellington attending our changeover who where in Whangarei for the NZ Rotary Districts IYE Chairs Annual meeting for the weekend. They were most pleased to have attended our special evening with a difference and to hear how we have created the dual Club President position for the next 2 years.

THE CLUB’S WHO’S WHO 2014 - 2015

21 Aug 2014 - 09:01

Reo Smith - Club President (Dual Role) for the first 6 months and INFORMER Editor.

Tara Thompson - Club Secretary Dual Role) for the first 6 months and Club Social Co-Ordinator, Duties are then swapped 31 January 2015 between President and Secretary.

George Swanepoel - Past President and Club Trust Consultant.

Lynley Summerlee -Treasurer.

PC Smith -The Rotary Foundation, District / Club IYE Co-Ordinator and DGN 2014-2015.

Kevan Summerlee - Projects Co-Ordinator.

Sandra McLean - IYE and Projects.

Caitlin Gavin - Social and Social Media.
The Board of Directors will meet every third Monday (week between club meetings) each month at 5.15pm.

A Night of Trivia 11 October 2012

12 Oct 2012 - 08:43

Our two teams. City Slickers and Teachers Pets had a great evening out and thanks to a very professional team of Teachers “Pets”, Whangarei City stole the prize money from the two other clubs competing in the Trivial Pursuit evening run by the Whangarei South Rotary Club.

Some participants were so helpful they even called out the answers by mistake. At one stage when a scrabble question came up, I quickly looked across the room to a scrabble enthusiast in the Teachers Pets team and managed to lip read the correct answer as she was secretly telling her team.. It's not what you know it is how you find out the answer.

The Prize money went to Cailtin's project, "Cailtin's Journey Of Hope" (a young Whangarei girl with a very rare form of cancer) who now has $488.00 added to her fund for treatment in Melbourne for an extremely rare and rapid growth cancer being the Charity of choice for the winner. Well done everyone.

Sandra Leonard

IYE Orientation Weekend 2012

1 Sep 2012 - 09:29

In no small way the Orientation Weekend 2012 went off without a hitch thanks to Sandra McLean and her team of fellow Rotarians and ROTEX Students.

The new venue at Marsden Bay Christian Camp, One Tree Point was an ideal central District location. The Accommodation was 4 star as was the catering, thanks to the Rotary Club of Whangarei City Ladies.

Whilst there were serious and informative sessions for both Inbound and Outbounds, the Saturday night concert showed what a talented group we are privileged to have joined the programme this year.

Students arrived a little apprehensive but soon settled in and fully contributed to a very involved time of Rotary Learning and what makes a Rotary Exchange Student want to get the most out of their year abroad.

Club's Inbound IYE Students 2012

29 Jul 2012 - 05:52

Welcome to Gala Rocio Silva from Argentina who arrived at Auckland International Airport and traveled on to Whangarei on Sunday 20 May.
Her Rotary Exchange in New Zealand is for 6 months and will be attending Whangarei Girls High School. Her first host family is with Nicola Brown and her family at Ngunguru.

On Wednesday 18 July Reo and PC farewelled Sam Bertrand at Auckland International Airport who flew back to France.
He was a student who worked hard at school receiving an academic award for Cambridge Maths at the Whangarei Boys High School end of 2011 year prize giving evening. His interests varied but his main focus was on Drama where he meet many friends. Computer graphics was also a passion whereby he produced a DVD movie on the 2011 - 2012 IYE programme to be shown to District 9910 Rotary Clubs.

On Sunday 22 Jasmin (known as Yassu) Tuominen flew into Whangarei after a couple of days since leaving her homeland Finland. She will be attending Whangarei Girls High School. Her first host family will be with the George and Monique Swanepoel. Lets hope she has a fantastic 12 months in New Zealand.

On Monday 23 July Romain Cottet was farewelled at the Whangarei Airport by his four host mums Monique, Jan, Sue and Sandra McLean. Club members Sandra Leonard and PC were also there to say goodbye. Romain was heading back home to Switzerland later that evening.
Romain loved the summer outdoor activities, mastered the art of surfing, fishing and whatever came his way that was not an activity in Switzerland.

We wish Sam and Romain the very best for the future and hope that they may return to New Zealand one day soon.